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The VAWA in LIHTC project is a joint effort of Regional Housing Legal Services (RHLS) and the National Alliance for Safe Housing (NASH).

Regional Housing Legal Services is a nonprofit law firm with unique expertise in affordable, sustainable housing and its related components — community and economic development, utility matters, and preservation of homeownership. RHLS provides innovative project and policy solutions that help create sustainable communities offering decent, safe, and affordable housing for lower-income Pennsylvanians.

The National Alliance for Safe Housing is a national nonprofit organization with a a mission to ensure that survivors of domestic and sexual violence have a full range of safe housing options, through improved access, increased resources, and innovative solutions, ultimately catalyzing a safe housing movement. NASH advances this mission by aligning systems and changing public policy to promote safe housing; engaging communities and supporting partnerships to support safe housing; and advocating for programs and innovative practices to facilitate safe housing.

logo of the National Alliance for Safe Housing
logo of Regional Housing Legal Services


We wish to acknowledge the many people who have helped with various aspects of bringing this phase of the project to realization, including Barbie Brashear, Cristina Cortes, Nora Davenport, Kaitlin Grant, Jenny Hergert, Julian Lutz, Andrea Miller, Krista Niemczyk, Marcey Rezac, Bettina Robinson, Vanessa Raymond-Garcia, Eric Stahler, Catherine Trapani, Brenda Tong, Amy Turk, Maria Williams.

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