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Best Practices for

Implementing VAWA in LIHTC

You can make sure that your state implements best practices for VAWA in LIHTC. To help you, below are best practices for language to be included in your state's LIHTC Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) or Compliance Manual (CM):

  • Identify VAWA as applicable law.

  • Clearly state VAWA's housing rights.

  • Include a procedure for tenants to file complaints about a VAWA violation.

  • Include penalties for VAWA noncompliance.

  • State that VAWA noncompliance can lead to LIHTC debarment.

  • Annual owner certification includes VAWA compliance.

  • Review processes include a check of VAWA compliance.

  • Owners/managers with a history of VAWA violations can be disqualified from the LIHTC program.

  • VAWA rights must be included in LIHTC property leases (or addenda).

  • LIHTC owners must submit written VAWA emergency transfer plans to the state agency administering LIHTC.

  • LIHTC owners must provide regular VAWA training to their staff.

  • The QAP encourages housing development targeting survivors.

  • The QAP makes it clear that a Social Security Number is not required from applicants for LIHTC admissions.

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